Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Son Of Scoregasm OST - Finally released!

Hi everyone!

So, I'm back.. sort of. I've been sitting on this soundtrack for a long time and now it's finally time to share it with the world. 

Without further ado:

Also, if you like Itch.io better, I've got your poison on tap too:


Additionally, if you'd like to play the actual game this soundtrack was made for, head over to Charlies Blog and check it out:


But, there's more isn't there?

The last blog post promised lots of things, so let's check out what I can deliver on:

* A soundtrack for Scoregasm 2 <- done!
* One short novel that's incredibly depressing, but hopefully interesting at the same time <- said short novel isn't so short anymore and it's part of a growing anthology of creepy stories. Oops!
* Numerous reviews of games, music, whiskey and beer <- Now THIS I can do... Gonna devote the next post to that since I've got a lot of things to recommend. Seriously, I love the good things in life and masturbating about them in words online is awesome.
* Shower thoughts like "Why I Hate Reginald Barclay And Why I Should Be Loving Him Instead" <- gonna do this one right the fuck now actually.
* Some full length versions of some of my old short stories published in XM module comments <- This is going to become something completely different. I've done some serious world building and visualization exercises and I hope to introduce a lot of people to a literal new world in their minds. Stay tune for more on that.

So, with that said, let's knock another bottle down from the "must do" shelf:

Why I Hate Reginald Barclay And Why I Should Be Loving Him Instead

This next bit is only going to have context if you've like me watched Star Trek: The Next Generation religiously and analyzed all the characters to bits. OK, so maybe not that last part, but the rest is required if you want to get something out of this little observation.

Now, first time I ever saw TNG as a teen, I was quite honestly annoyed at the inclusion of this character. I hated him even more than Wesleys inability to be awesome. The reason was that he was just so .. in the way of the plot. He was a nervous wreck, he was annoying the hottest babe in the show, he kept making annoying mistakes.. he was simply a complete dork. 

Of course, I bet you can see where this is going. Many many years later, I watched the show again and I had this epiphany that just left my chin on the floor. Because who did that guy remind me of now? Oh that's right.. who was a nervous wreck around ladies, couldn't flirt to save his life and who constantly tripped over himself trying to make casual conversation? 

*Me. I was fucking Reginald growing up.*

It was quite the humbling experience going through those episodes again with the knowledge that the reason I was so anti-Reginald was because he was the perfect average person put into the Star Trek universe. Now, we'd all love to imagine that we'd be fucking awesome if we were ever put into a Star Trek situation, but if we really look into the reality of the situation, Star Treks universe on the Enterprise is a damned scary place to be. Not to mention all that really hard work everyone does in Starfleet that gets glossed over every episode. Personally, I think that with the exclusion of the holodeck, I'd probably be bored stiff by being in Starfleet for more than a month. I'd probably end up spending all of my time there, building simulations and trying out different scenarios with...

Aaah yeah, they did an episode on that :D

So yeah, if Data was my logical side back then, Reginald was my emotional one. 

And, if you want a really creepy and dark and surreal Star Trek experience, watch it again, but this time make the assumption that teleporters = death. See how long it takes before all the crewmembers are replaced with copies. Nihilistic as fuck :D

Anyways, thanks for reading this rambling, there'll be more for sure soon enough!

//John Marwin

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