Thursday, 12 October 2017


Hi everyone,

So now it's official, Son of Scoregasm is out on the Playstation Vita/TV!

For me though, now the REAL wait begins since the dev (Charlie) is going to start working on the PC version which I myself haven't played much of except for the demo. So yeah, I'm definitely stoked for all of this. If you wanna try out the game, here's the link:

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Review: Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barrelled Whiskey (45%)

It's a lovely cold October evening and the rain is pouring down outside. It's cold and it's wet and it's nasty as fuck out there in the darkness. What better better day to review a nice toasty Whiskey?

Today's little treat is called Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barreled Whiskey. Yeah, kind of a mouthful isn't it? So, I pour it and notice that it's got nice coloring, a bit darker than most Whiskeys I've seen lately, so that bodes well for it. The smell isn't something to write poems about though, a dry and chemical smell of turpentine and acetone (nail polish remover). Not really the warm leathery smell I imagined it would have.

For the record, I always go straight up, no ice, no water, no nothing for my first taste. Also, room temperature, because I've noticed most Whiskeys retain the most flavor then. First sip.. a dark and stringent flavor. Lots of notes of oak for sure, but not much else. A deeper gulp and it's still refusing to define that well, it's like a shadow on the wall of my taste buds. I'm picking up hints of caramel though, but it's weak unfortunately. I try for a bigger sip and now I definitely feel a thick caramel, the aftertaste is kind of salty but it's not really making much of an impression on me at this point. Sure, perhaps it's a bit silly to expect more than oak, but I hoped there'd be more nuances in this stuff.

Oh well, let's see what some water will do to this stuff then...

OK, so after adding some water and letting it sit for a bit, I gave it another whiff and this time the turpentine has seemingly run away like a sissy while a nicely bodied vanilla aroma has strutted onto the stage. Oh yes, this works definitely better in terms of smell, I'm getting interested now. I'm absolutely picking up small dots of iodine like stars on an evening sky. Damn, I almost don't want to taste this now for fear of it being any less than this. Will it live up to the hype?

Deep breath and a sip. Ho laddie! This kicks like a mule on acid! Strong dark caramel notes now linger in this like snakes under an old house. It's definitely slithering around in a decidedly menacing way. It's like the unwatered version was some kiddie version and now it's gloves off and not pulling it's punches. Again, I'm amazed at the difference a few drops of water can introduce to this kind of alcohol. A deeper sip and the iodine flavor is present too, the oak carries both the flavors very nicely. Taking a huge gulp and swallowing and now the turpentine is back, but it's subdued along with some very powerful notes of caramel laced with iodine, I can almost feel the goddamn texture of the oak planks in the barrels at this point! This is rough stuff alright and I'm loving it. The aftertaste is lingering for a very long time now and it's kind of a weak oak with the salt kind of hanging around like a mist.

Also, I managed to burp this and it absolutely has a nice feel warm oak feeling to it. I tried dropping a small ice cube into it and the taste was just gone.. simply gone afterwards.

I also had some nice cheese chorizo sausage and this whiskey absolutely shines in combination with that. So I'm labeling this "food whiskey" that you're supposed to mix with some good stuff because the simple taste profile works really well in combination with food.

Overall, I'd say this whiskey has it's moments, it works fantastic with the foods I've tried it with. But it's very limited taste profile leaves a bit to be desired. I have to say though, watch out for that initial punch when you add water to it, it's not kidding around! I'd recommend enjoying this to a nice grilled steak or perhaps some pulled pork if you have it.

This is a solid 7/10 for sure. Nice, but not super nice.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Son Of Scoregasm OST - Finally released!

Hi everyone!

So, I'm back.. sort of. I've been sitting on this soundtrack for a long time and now it's finally time to share it with the world. 

Without further ado:

Also, if you like better, I've got your poison on tap too:

Additionally, if you'd like to play the actual game this soundtrack was made for, head over to Charlies Blog and check it out:

But, there's more isn't there?

The last blog post promised lots of things, so let's check out what I can deliver on:

* A soundtrack for Scoregasm 2 <- done!
* One short novel that's incredibly depressing, but hopefully interesting at the same time <- said short novel isn't so short anymore and it's part of a growing anthology of creepy stories. Oops!
* Numerous reviews of games, music, whiskey and beer <- Now THIS I can do... Gonna devote the next post to that since I've got a lot of things to recommend. Seriously, I love the good things in life and masturbating about them in words online is awesome.
* Shower thoughts like "Why I Hate Reginald Barclay And Why I Should Be Loving Him Instead" <- gonna do this one right the fuck now actually.
* Some full length versions of some of my old short stories published in XM module comments <- This is going to become something completely different. I've done some serious world building and visualization exercises and I hope to introduce a lot of people to a literal new world in their minds. Stay tune for more on that.

So, with that said, let's knock another bottle down from the "must do" shelf:

Why I Hate Reginald Barclay And Why I Should Be Loving Him Instead

This next bit is only going to have context if you've like me watched Star Trek: The Next Generation religiously and analyzed all the characters to bits. OK, so maybe not that last part, but the rest is required if you want to get something out of this little observation.

Now, first time I ever saw TNG as a teen, I was quite honestly annoyed at the inclusion of this character. I hated him even more than Wesleys inability to be awesome. The reason was that he was just so .. in the way of the plot. He was a nervous wreck, he was annoying the hottest babe in the show, he kept making annoying mistakes.. he was simply a complete dork. 

Of course, I bet you can see where this is going. Many many years later, I watched the show again and I had this epiphany that just left my chin on the floor. Because who did that guy remind me of now? Oh that's right.. who was a nervous wreck around ladies, couldn't flirt to save his life and who constantly tripped over himself trying to make casual conversation? 

*Me. I was fucking Reginald growing up.*

It was quite the humbling experience going through those episodes again with the knowledge that the reason I was so anti-Reginald was because he was the perfect average person put into the Star Trek universe. Now, we'd all love to imagine that we'd be fucking awesome if we were ever put into a Star Trek situation, but if we really look into the reality of the situation, Star Treks universe on the Enterprise is a damned scary place to be. Not to mention all that really hard work everyone does in Starfleet that gets glossed over every episode. Personally, I think that with the exclusion of the holodeck, I'd probably be bored stiff by being in Starfleet for more than a month. I'd probably end up spending all of my time there, building simulations and trying out different scenarios with...

Aaah yeah, they did an episode on that :D

So yeah, if Data was my logical side back then, Reginald was my emotional one. 

And, if you want a really creepy and dark and surreal Star Trek experience, watch it again, but this time make the assumption that teleporters = death. See how long it takes before all the crewmembers are replaced with copies. Nihilistic as fuck :D

Anyways, thanks for reading this rambling, there'll be more for sure soon enough!

//John Marwin

Monday, 2 February 2015

I'm going to be all over the map this year

Yup, there's still some life in these old bones apparently.

I've been woefully inactive these past few years, mostly because life caught up with me.  A loving girlfriend turned out to be less than what I expected, my musical muse ran off with Eric Clapton (again!) as a result the emerging depression and gaming took way to much of my time. I did get a lot of stuff finished, but due to my lack of initiative, nothing has been released. I plan to change that.

This year has promises of a lot of new experiences for me, so when I was looking at my options for what would be possible this year,  my eyes turned back to this old thing. And to be honest, I've always had this submarine type approach to creating things. I surface every now and then, let loose a barrage of some stuff and then dive back down into the depths again. I kind of like this approach myself, but of course it makes for bad PR, because the world likes performers, not slacker artists.

To summarize, I have a lot of ideas for this year. I think I'm going to try and be more active, but as always, don't take my word for it. Life has a funny way of kicking me in the ass when I feel safe and to comfort me when everything seems to be going down the shitter. So no guarantees, no refunds.

Here are some of the stuff that's about ready to be served on the table for this year:

* A soundtrack for Scoregasm 2
* One short novel that's incredibly depressing, but hopefully interesting at the same time
* Numerous reviews of games, music, whiskey and beer
* Shower thoughts like "Why I Hate Reginald Barclay And Why I Should Be Loving Him Instead"
* Some full length versions of some of my old short stories published in XM module comments

So, there you have it, basically it'll be me going back to what I know, writing and music. And then applying my personal filter to all of that and seeing what comes out the other end. As always, feedback is most appreciated, it's why I publish these things after all.